Town of Scott sign near the town hall.

The Town of Scott Welcomes you! We are located at 6689 State Route 41, Homer, NY 13077.  The phone number for the town hall is 607-749-2902 and the fax is 607-749-7907.  

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Important Town Court Information: Please read before heading to the town court.


Broadband Internet Study and Community Survey

Hello to All,

As we enter the fourth week of our Broadband Internet Study and Community Survey, we wanted to continue to update you on our progress.  Please take a few minutes to review the newsletter and reach out to us with any questions, comments, or suggestions and continue to share the survey link at www.cnyinternet.com

This study is not possible without your continued support and leadership on this topic!

Thank you,
Thomas Bardenett
Junior Planner
Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board (CNY RPDB)


Please view the successfully completed Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Town of Scott by clicking on the provided link below!

Created and published by Dr. Guy Ruoff – Town Supervisor

Town of Scott Hazard Mitigation Plan

Legal Notice

Town of Scott

The monthly town meeting for July 13th, 2021 is revised.  The town meeting scheduled for (Tuesday) July 13th @ 6:00 p.m. will be conducted as a web-conference session that is open to the public.  A web link and phone number will be provided by the Town Clerk upon request.  The next monthly face-to-face meeting will potentially be (Tuesday) Aug. 10, 2021 and held at 6689 State Route 41, Homer, NY 13077 @ 6:00 p.m.  The contact information for the Town Clerk is: townclerk@townofscott.org, phone number is 607-749-2902 and the fax is 607-749-7907.

Town of Scott Supervisor

Dr. Guy Ruoff

The Skaneateles Watershed Partnership has published a new informational website.  Click the image below to be taken to the new site. 

New!  www.skanlakeinfo.org Watershed Website


In compliance with the orders from Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Town of Scott Boat Launch is officially open!  The phone number for the Town Hall is 607-749-2902 and the fax is 607-749-7907.

The utilization of the Town of Scott Boat Launch is free for residents of the Town of Scott!

Boat Launch Sites (Open for Business!)

Use of all boat launches for recreational boaters is permitted.  To limit the community spread of COVID-19 please utilize social distancing as well as common sense when communicating with others.

Boat launching sites exist in virtually every county of New York State. The following pages provide information on publicly available boat launches separated out by county. For your convenience, the type of launch, driving directions and parking capacity are included for each site.

Weblink: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7832.html


Notice The Town of Scott is reaching out to the community for dedicated citizens to assist with the functioning of the local government. 

The town is in need of motivated individuals for the following paid positions: Tax Assessment Review Board (T.A.R.B.), Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals (Z.B.A.).  Please contact the Town Clerk (Tammy) @ 607-749-2902 for more details!

We look forward to working with you,

Dr. Guy Ruoff

Town of Scott Supervisor

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