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Scott Town Historian

The study of local history helps us to understand our past, to assess with perspective what is happening in our present and to anticipate and plan for our future.

Town Historian Teresa Phelps maintains the history of the town in the Heritage Room located within the town hall.  The duties of a local historian include: research and writing, teaching and public presentations, historic preservation and promotion of the municipality.  The local historian acts as a liaison with the local schools in helping promote local records use for the required 4th and 7th grade local history units.  In addition, the town historian helps to point researchers in the right direction where additional research opportunities are concerned.

For out-of-town research requests, a fee of $20.00 for the first four hours of research is required, with an additional $8.00 per hour for each hour thereafter.  Ten photocopies are included in the base fee.

The Glen Haven Historical Society:  Located in the historic Glen Haven Schoolhouse at the south end of Skaneateles Lake.

The Cortland County Historical Society: Located at 25 Maple Avenue in the City of Cortland, the CCHS is a repository for historic records of Cortland County.

Contact information for Town Historian Teresa A. Phelps:

Office number:   607-749-2902

Fax: 607-749-7907


Town Historian: Teresa A. Phelps

Mailing Address: 6689 State Route 41, Homer, NY 13077